Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update of our week so far

There have been some really good things that have happened this week. Probably top on the list is that Kendra's Grama and Grampa got a chance to come to Peoria and meet CJ and Keagan. Georgianna Helen meets Keagan Helen :-) To have FOUR generations all together in one room is priceless!!

Clayton SENIOR :-) was able to get into work and get his computer reworked so that he can have remote access and spend time in Peoria with Kendra and the babies and not just come down on weekends.
CJ is doing a super job and growing strong.  He is now off CPAP and is completely breathing on his own.  For a while he was really making his nurses stay on top of their game because he was moving so much he was always knocking around his little breather mask.   Now he looks a lot more comfortable, but he's still a squirmer. 
Miss Keagan is having a tough time with her oxygenation.  She has been moved back onto the oscilating ventilator, and it is likely she will need to have surgery to close her PDA, a very common condition in premature babies. (Here is a link if you would like to read  about it: This would be a very specific request for prayer, if you are one of our faithful blog followers that have asked for prayer requests. We thank you in advance for those prayers! We will keep you updated on the surgery if/when it is scheduled. 

Overall, we continue to be thankful for the care CJ and Keagan are receiving and the personnel at St. Francis. Thank you for the messages of support, the encouraging stories and your care and concern for the babies that you are giving. It means so much to the entire family and we are so very touched by each gesture.

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  1. I want to point out that you posted at 4:44 this afternoon - the perfect time to make a wish as my 5-yr old, Sofia, would say! I shared mine with the nuggets when I saw the time. :)