Monday, March 21, 2011

Kendra is reunited with the Nuggets!

Hi Everyone!  It's Stefanie again...

We got Kendra out of her hospital successfully and over to Peoria to join the babies.  Clayton made the trek over to Bloomington to make sure his precious cargo was transported carefully to Peoria.  She is doing well and was really happy to get to see Keagan and CJ again. 

The babies look good and we have so many amazing nurses here at OSF.  I have also learned a lot about premature babies today. We are basically waiting for 3 things to happen.  The babies must be able to breathe on their own, feed, and regulate their own temperature.  When they can do this, the can go home!  (This information came from one of the nurses today.)

One of the nurses told us yesterday that the babies like to listen to music so we picked up some CD players and a few children's and Disney CD's for the babies.  Keagan and CJ each have their own CD player so currently Keags is listening to Disney Princess music and CJ is listening to Disney's Children Favorites!! Pretty exciting for them so that they can hear more than the incubator noise.

To answer a few things that we have been asked from people today:
- Kendra and Clayton can't have much in the babies rooms in the hospital - it's a VERY sterile environment here so we need to keep as many germs as possible out.  Therefore, no fresh flowers can be here at the hospital. 
- Home base will be Mom Hutchinson's house in Germantown Hills, but people won't be there often to receive any deliveries so anything that can be mailed would be the best bet.  Words of encouragement via text or email are great too - don't be offended if you don't hear a response we are using this blog to keep everyone as updated as possible!! Her address is 708 Devon Dr, Germantown Hills, IL 61548.

CJ sitting up for a bit and taking a break from his sun lamp. 

Keagan rocking our to her Disney Princess music! 

That's all for now, we will keep you as up-to-date as possible.

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  1. Hi again! Wonderful to have this blog and way to go all of you--Stefanie, Kendra, Mrs. Ryl...everyone--in setting this up and sharing the story. I'll say it again: incredible, exciting, miraculous...there are hardly words! Of course, like everyone else, you have our prayers and we're so glad everyone seems to doing alright. Kendra, glad you're already well enough to be out of the hospital, and hope you're getting some rest too. And of course the little ones are fighting away. It seems every day that passes is another good sign of increasing strength! And Clayton, the dad's always seem to be forgotten too easily--you hang in there too and get some rest! I'm sure you're emotionally spent, and on a high at the same time.
    On your next blog, Stefanie, can you give a hint as to how soon they might be able to be transported up here? No pressure of have other things to do :) Just a lot of fans here following it all!
    Much love!