Monday, March 28, 2011

Kangaroo Care

**Written on Sunday...

Hi friends-it's Grammie Sue writing. Just wanted to share this exciting tidbit and a good sign of progress from the NICU in Peoria. Today, Kendra and Clayton were able to start Kangaroo Care for CJ. Kangaroo care is a therapy for preemie infants that promotes skin to skin contact with their parents. Since preemie babies spend so much time in an incubator, this therapy is benefical to promote bonding between the infant and the parent. If you are interested in reading more about Kangaroo Care, here is a link to a good article about it:
Kangaroo Care for Preemies | Articles | Pregnancy Today

(Added today: Clayton did Kangaroo Care yesterday and Kendra did it today. Both felt it was one of the more amazing things they've ever done/experienced!)

Mommy holding CJ for the very first time.

Happy family, minus Keagan!

Kangaroo time with Daddy!

What's up Darth Vader?!  Loving the freedom of no breathing tubes (down his throat) and being able to hang out on Dad's chest. That mask is the CPAP machine that is similar to one used on an adult that snores or has sleep apnea. It's not as scary as it looks.

Mommy, Daddy and the little man having some family time.

I have been amazed from the get go about how Kendra and Clayton have adapted to this new "normal" in their lives. Here are some examples of how they continue to be "rocks" for each other, their children and their friends and family:
*They actually find out the meanings of the medical terminologies being tossed around by the staff (and use them). And there are lots of new terms and acronyms that are used strictly in the NICU and in the "outside world" you would never hear these phrases or know anything about them. Now these words are parts of Kendra and Clayton's daily vocabulary.
*They find time for their own relationship as well as the relationship they are forming with their babies and they protect that time very well.
*They are handling each decision that needs to be made in a thoughtful, calm manner. There has been no rushing into any situation/decision without preparation when at all possible.
*They make this situation look much less stressful than it really is.

There is no doubt that this week will bring new challenges: Clayton will head back to work on Monday and Kendra will be here in Peoria with the babies. There is a schedule of helpers for Kendra set up and there have been many offers from friends in the Peoria area to help with needs that may arise. I am certain after watching Clayton and Kendra for the past week, they will handle each day and situation with the grace we have seen in them to this point.

A very Happy One Week celebration of birth to our little angels: CJ and Keagan.


  1. Kangaroo Care is great...both for the baby and the parents! Kendra-if you need anything or have any questions feel free to contact me...Maddy and Nate were in the NICU for a month so I understand what you are going through! Your babies are so precious!!

  2. These are wonderful pics and I am thinking about you all daily. Keagan and CJ are precious and strong, and this sounds like a wonderful program. I think about you all and pray for you each day. Please let me know if I can do anything at all for you. Love ya lots!