Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nugget pictures

Here are a couple of pictures taken last night of the babies-note the rubber duckies in each of  their bassinets-gifts from "Uncle" Will :-) Keagan has the duckie with the pink "ears" and CJ has the one with the blue.


  1. Look how big that hospital "bracelet" is on Keagan's tiny little ankle! Glad each day is another bit of progress in each bigger "chunk" of time, and of course prayers continue.

  2. Hi Kendra-
    I just wanted you to know that I check this site multiple times a day, anxiously awaiting the updates. I think of you and your babies all the time and I am confident they will be just fine. They look so strong already! You are doing a phenomenal job as a loving and caring mommy. They are so lucky to have such a supportive family. Oh, and I loved your boobie post! Ha! Hang in there- Steph Kelley

  3. What a beautiful post, Kendra. You are an amazing person. I know your mom through church and through Olive School, and I am following it and praying regularly throughout my day for your whole family, but especially for CJ and for Keagan. May you feel God's strong arms wrapped around you.

  4. Kendra, I just want to know you have lots of people praying for the babies and you and Clayton. And they are from all over the state and US. I had posted on facebook that I was praying for my friend's 2 little babies.

    This is a where it gets fun in that small world kind of way. One of friends Asked if it was the Hutchinson Babies in a long shot kind of way. Laura Beth was a sorority sister for your sister.

    I have a really good feeling when these (Small world) connections are made.

    It was because of one of these events that made both Dave and I realize our relationship was going to be a great one and it could go as fast as we wanted. We were engaged 5 months after meeting and married after 10 months of meeting