Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday CJ and Keagan!!!

The end of a great birthday today but we are TIRED
(this is a 12 month onesie on both of them!).

As always-not wanting to disappoint his fans-the big boy weighs in at over 25 pounds - he continues to amaze us with how healthy and sturdy he is (aka CHUBBY)! 

On the attack-Keagan Helen is closing in on 20 pounds!

Our favorite event of our birthday-we went to the park for a ride on the swings...pictures say it all. 

The babies 1st birthday has been a point of conversation for a few weeks now and we just couldn't quite wrap our minds around the fact that the day was coming. It is absolutely crazy how long ago it seems that the babies were in the NICU and we were going through the craziness of this day a year ago and yet the time has gone so fast (quite cliche-we know).

It has been a LONG time since we updated the blog (we're sorry), but here are some highlights of the past 3 months:
  • The kids started their physical therapy sessions a couple of months ago and have made good progress. 
    • Keagan is now regularly on all fours or rolling around to get what she wants. In the past couple of weeks we've seen a huge change in her temperament. She is a baby that wants everything around her and now she can get to it on her own! It makes her much happier, which makes us much happier...now we don't have to listen to her scream for an adult to get her the toy she wants :) The crawling is coming soon and we think we are going to have to figure out this "baby-proofing" thing pretty quickly.  Maybe we should just tether her to her brother...good luck moving 26 pounds kid!!
    • CJ's actions match his personality....relaxed and smooth.  CJ reaches for everything, bangs toys together and happily watches his sister do all the moving.  But, he has started to put weight (and he has quite a bit of it!!!) on his legs and is quite pleased with himself when he stands with our help and can play with a toy. We think he is getting a little bored and hope that motivates him to start going after some toys...
    • Occupational therapy will start in April and the kids will be working more on their sensory play development as well as gross and fine motor skills-should be fun! Our PT tells us there is a lot of overlap between OT and PT at this age so basically we'll just be getting more help which is always welcomed. 
  • CJ had his MRI in January and the initial report was good!  We haven't had our neurosurgery follow-up yet, but our doctor said that we could wait to come in to see her until after Keagan's MRI so we could talk about both babies at once. Of course, Keagan's now isn't going to be as easy as we'd like because she has to get general anesthesia due to her heart holes-ugh! That appt. is scheduled for April 19th. 
  • Everything CJ and Keagan do (for the most part) is still right on track with our adjusted age of 8 and a half months. The one thing they seem to be be advanced at is EATING! They are both very good eaters and have started to munch on most big people food that we eat. Last night they enjoyed some quesadillas for dinner and this morning they ate biscuits and gravy with Mommy and Daddy :) It is fun. They also have made the FANTASTIC transition (that every parent loves) from formula to milk-woo hoo!!  
Picture time: we've picked out some of the top ones from the past 3 months-sorry there are so many :) 

Birthday party 3/18
Clayton and Clayton being Clayton-y :)

I'm so good at this unwrapping thing.

Mamaw and Keagan can now vacuum together!

OOH-cupcake GOOD!

Face + cupcake = FIRST BIRTHDAY party

The tide are national champions-roll tide!

Big kids like to eat rice and beans with Mom and Dad at Chili's. 


11 months-working on tummy time

Dynamic duo

Mom told you I was a good eater :) Stickers, food, whatever...

There is a happy boy!

Christmas morning at home-SANTA came to visit!