Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keagan Helen Hutchinson

Happy 1 week birthday to our little nuggets!!

As mentioned yesterday, these kids wanted some time to themselves on this blog.  I just had a mini photo shoot with Keagan (she didn't like it) and here are a few of her pictures.  Enjoy!

Please, sir, can I have some more?!?  This was actually captured during an "arm flail" moment.

This little princess loves hanging out on her side... it helps her to be able to get all snuggled up.  She's going to be a little snuggle bug when she goes home from the hospital.

Little blondie just like her brother!

Not happy that Auntie is still taking pictures!  She is very sensitive to light still.

The nurse said that we should call her "Warrior Princess" instead of just "Princess" cause she so fiesty and such a little fighter! :)

Keags hanging onto her Mommy's pinky. 1 week old.

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  1. I have been away and just caught up with the blogs. These are wonderful entries and pictures. Thanks for the ring and finger for comparisons. We will continue to pray - The Lord cares for you more than anyone.