Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts on our little miracles...

Hi all! It's Grammie (aka Mom Ryl, aka Sue :-)

I am hanging out with Keagan and Grampa Ken is hanging with CJ down the hall tonight. We are giving the rest of the crew (the new parents especially) some time at Mom Hutchinson's to sleep in beds and get a good night's rest. It is busy here even during the wee hours. These nurses are wonderful and knowledgeable and tender with the babies. These little ones are right where they are supposed to be!

We have heard story after story of the miraculous arrival of these precious babies. Upon reflecting, I am taking it on to write a few of these miracles down, so when the going gets a little tough, we can all remember that these pieces are all a part of the story of our Keagan and CJ.

*Saturday night after Sophie's party in Bloomington (2-1/2 hours away from home)-Kendra being intensely uncomfortable and feeling sick decides with Clayton Eric to wake Mom Hutchinson to get her take on the situation. She recommends calling Kendra's OB on-call to check in. He confers that yes, indeed, it could be a touch of the flu, but just go check in at the hospital ER to be on the safe side. (Kendra and Clayton talked to him on Monday and he said there was no compelling reason to send her to the ER, just a gut feeling)

*The fact that Mom Hutchinson was supposed to leave for a vacation to Alabama and decided to sleep at Jennifer and Steven's house to be a bit further down the road to start her trip just hours from when Kendra and Clayton Eric needed her advise/help AND that she was able to be with them at the ER, as not just "mom" but another set of ears as a medical professional.

*The nurse on duty realized the severity of the situation almost IMMEDIATELY when Kendra was hooked up to the monitors and started assembling a team of professionals for this complex delivery. They called people not even associated with the hospital but they were known of, or live in the Bloomington area and upon hearing of the situation-came in willingly.

*When the incision for the C-section was made-the babies were on the OUTSIDE of the uterus. The fact that they got them out when they did, saved not just the babies, but also Kendra's life. (Thank you God!)

*The hospital had EXACTLY  the right amount of the fluid they give premature babies to help their lungs. It is a specialty medicine and not something a lower level hospital would necessarily have on-hand. It just so happened that they had TWO bottles of exactly the medicine they needed.

*St. Francis is a Level 3 hospital for their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and was a quick ambulance drive for the teams to bring the babies here-no helicopter ride, no crazy logistics to deal with.

There are so many other things, but I am going to close for now. I would like to ask anyone reading this blog to say a prayer for these precious little miracles and for their mommy and their daddy. This is all a bit overwhelming, to say the least, and the learning curve is steep. There is medical terminology to learn, there are going to be highs and lows before they get to take CJ and Keagan home to Palatine. As a family of Hutchinson's and Ryl's we are grateful for the support you are giving. Please do know that we may not respond to specific emails or text messages or phone calls immediately, but we are reading and listening to all the encouragement each of you gives. Thank you for checking in and for praying.


  1. SUE! I am praying, praying, praying for Keagan, CJ, Kendra, Clayton, as well as the entire family! It brings tears to my eyes to see how God provided before their birth, during, and after, and I know He will be there every step of the way. Thank you for creating this blog to keep us all updated. I will continue to pray for peace for all of you, as well exceptional care from the nurses and doctors. And congratulations on these precious new grandchildren!! Lots and lots of love,
    Lindsey (for all of the Footes!)

  2. So far, each of these amazing updates have brought tears of gratitude and happiness for Kendra, Clayton, CJ & Keagan. Everything about all of this is miraculous. Says a lot about the 2 nuggets and how special and important they are...sending lots of additional love and positive, healing energy.

  3. Hello Mrs. Ryl,

    Please know Ed and I are praying for little CJ and Keagan, and all of their family! Steph, you are such a good sister and auntie! We are so thankful for all the miracles God has orchestrated in the lives of these 3 precious people.

    Love, Mrs Kenney