Monday, March 21, 2011

The Recap of Sunday, March 20th

Hello Everyone!  This is Stefanie, Kendra's sister.  I know that by now, most of you have heard the details or even just bits and pieces of yesterdays events. So here's the whole tale of how I became an Aunt!

Kendra & Clayton were down in Bloomington, IL for their niece, Sophie's birthday party.  They were staying the night at Jennifer & Steven's place and would head back to Palatine in the morning.  Kendra couldn't get comfortable when she went to sleep and thought she was coming down with the flu.  No one really knew if she should go to the hospital or just tough it out so they called the Dr.  He didn't really have an actual reason to send her in but said something in her voice convinced him to give her the go.  Kendra, Clayton and Mom Hutchinson headed into BroMenn Hospital in Bloomington (little did they know that they would be leaving as Mom, Dad and Grandma! 

The nurse who worked on Kendra had some sort of 6th sense and knew to work fast cause things were about to get crazy.  Kendra didn't really know what was going on, but found out quite fast that she was actually in labor!  They started prepping her for surgery cause they knew that babies heart rates were dropping and they were going to be coming out if they were ready or not.  Things moved very fast and by 3:33am the babies were out but Kendra's uterus had burst.  She was off to surgery and the babies were getting checked out. 

The babies got transported to OSF in Peoria and Kendra is still at BroMenn recovering.  Kendra is doing great!  She has been weened off morphine and onto vicodin!  She has been up and moving this morning and even ate breakfast!  I know she's feeling ok cause she was talking to the nurse using words like "bad mama jamma".  We got the "thumbs up" for her to be discharged today so she can go be with the babies. 

At this point we still need lots of prayers for Keagan and CJ, they have a long road ahead of them.  They are AMAZING and I am so in love with them.  I got to go meet both of them yesterday and got to hold their hands.  They are VERY tiny but every Doctor and Nurse that we have talked to has said they are such a miracle.  There have been a few stories that really brough tears to my eyes in the last 24 hours about how everything just fell into place with this whole situation - God is AMAZING and really is watching out for these kiddos. 

I'm sure I am leaving details out but we will try to update on this page as often as possible about the progress with the little ones.  I will try to upload some more pictures when I get home and get my computer/camera cord but for now, I am going to try to upload some videos that Grammy & Grampa Ryl (my mom and dad) took last night when they met Keagan and CJ. 

This is Keagan, my little princess! She is quite the little kicker.  I think she's just happy to be able to sprawl out!

This is CJ - The doctors/nurses say he's just like every other  "wimpy white boy" that they see in the NICU.  They use bubble wrap in the incubator to keep the little ones warm! How crazy?!


  1. I am going to follow this blog regularly! I'm so excited for the little nuggets to keep growing and getting stronger each day. I'm so excited that Kendra is on her way to join them. That will make all the difference in the world for all 3 of them to heal and gain strength! Sofia and I send our love and positive, healthy energy to central Illinois.

    PS - Love love love the title of the blog!

  2. They are such little miracles and we are all praying so hard for them. I cant wait for them to meet their cousin Tommy! We are sending so much love and prayers your way. LOVE YOU ALL! -The Ryan Family :)

  3. what does "bad mamma jamma" mean? blog looks great Stephie!! love you Kendra!

  4. Kendra & Clayton-many thoughts and prayers out to you and your little ones Love The Wendells