Thursday, March 24, 2011

The right place!!

Hi-it's Grammie Sue again...

I have been hanging out at the hospital quite a bit over the last few days and for this posting I just wanted to reflect on the thoughts of being at St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, versus being closer to home at a different hospital. From all that we have experienced thus far-the babies are in the place that they should be! We are all so grateful for the events that brought them here. Several people have asked about when the babies will be moved to a hospital closer to home. They are staying right where they are. Since Kendra and Clayton have their home-away-from-home at Mom Hutchinson's they are truly blessed that they do not have to find temporary housing down in the Peoria area.

The staff in this place is outstanding in every sense of the word. People are extremely sensitive to the reason for your being here. Kindness and caring are everywhere from the front desk to the cleaning crews to the maintenance people. But what I really want to talk about-because it has touched me so deeply-is the care the nurses provide to these babies (and I'm not just talking about the nuggets, I'm talking about to all the babies).

We have had so many top notch, professional nurses around the clock caring for CJ and Keagan! The nurses work 12 hour shifts, which provides great continuity of care for the babies. We have had excellent care from each and every one of the nurses we have encountered. There are words of wisdom imparted from their mouths to Kendra and Clayton's ears, there is the feeling that they are the ones who get to know these babies intimately and have the ability to fill the doctors in on the little details of the kind of day the babies have had, there is the knowledge of this is not-quite-right, let's get a consultation/another opinion. It is absoltely incredible.

Kendra and Clayton have the opportunity, if they desire, to choose a primary care team of nurses for CJ and a primary care team for Keagan. So today my prayer request is this: that the right team is put in place for both of these precious babies and that each of the members of the team bring their particular strength and that ultimately these babies are given the best care to make them grow and thrive.

Once again, we all want to thank you for your encouragement through the comments you leave and through the prayers that are being spoken for Keagan, CJ, Kendra and Clayton. We do feel the love and support of so many, some we don't even know, that are lifting up these precious babies and their parents. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


  1. Kendra and Clayton, you don't know me, I'm a friend of Grammie Sue's. I just wanted you to know that I'm praying very hard for all of you, especially Keagan and CJ. Sue, keep the specific prayer requests coming! Kendra, keep up the great work with the pumping girl! You are giving your babies such a great gift.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. Your two precious angels and beautiful!
    Laura & Larry Epstein & Family

  3. You all are in the thoughts and prayers of the whole McCue gang, from Boston to Chicago. Those two little angels are so strong and courageous ---- God has great plans for them! So thankful that Kendra is doing so well. Hugs to all. Sue and Ken ---- being grandparents is the best; contratulations.

  4. Sue - My heart goes out to all of you! Those babies have a road ahead, but with all of you I know that they are going to "soar"! If you ever need anything, please let me know. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Martie Salemi

  5. Thank you for these blogs-it makes the distance not feel so far away. We think about the babies everyday, and are now watching for those chunks of time with great anticipation. Smoochies to everyone, Vicky and Keith

  6. Clayton, Kendra, (twins) and both families!
    We are praying for all the strength and courage you need to continue on this journey! God's grace is sufficient. Love, from our family.

  7. okay, still crying here...this entry reminds me of the time my Sofia spent in the NICU. Under far less stressful circumstances, but I tear up b/c I very much understand the overwhelming gratitude you describe for the amazing nurses. What they do for the babies and the families is almost indescribable. Their work makes it a little easier to sleep at night (or during the day) knowing the most stealth medical professionals are tending to CJ & Keagan every minute, literally.