Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clayton Eric Hutchinson Junior (CJ)

Hey Everyone, it's Auntie Stef again.  I am back down in Peoria for the weekend to hang out with the Hutchinson Clan.  I wanted to give a quick update since I know there are a lot of AMAZING people following the Nuggets on the blog.  Today was a great milestone.  CJ and Keagan both got off their oscillating ventilators!!! They still have tubes to help them breathe but they are taking a lot more breaths on their own! YAY!  We still need lots of prayers for growth and development.  They are both still too small to get off the ventilators completely, the next tube is just a nose mask and their noses are sooo tiny!

Now... Mr CJ is sick of sharing blogs with his sister so he gets his own photo shoot today and the princess will have hers tomorrow.  Enjoy!


Mr. CJ with the nurses hand. He has had an eye mask on all day so he needed to adjust to the light.

 AUNTIE!!! Stop with the flashes!!

Look at this peanut.  He's got some BLONDE hair going on!

Getting some tummy time and taking a break from his back.  He LOVED being on his tummy.  He hasn't stopped kicking all day.  So active!

A little precious peanut. 


  1. Wonderful news about the ventilators! And happy one week birthday to them both! Nice photo-shoot, CJ.

  2. Happy One week birthday to Keagan and CJ. Great photos Stef. Prayers are being sent to the family daily from our family!! Love to you all......