Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ups and Downs Part 1 (The Medical Side):

We received amazing news this afternoon.   The second round of Indomethacin (Indocin) was successful.  Keagan's echocardiogram indicated that her PDA was closed, and therefore she will not need surgery.  We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers and we are thankful for this bit of good news.

During morning rounds we also received the results of CJ's follow up head scan.  The great news is that they did not identify any further bleeding, which is fantastic.  However, the past bleeding is, and will continue to be, an issue and concern for the next few weeks.  As with all bleeding (you hope at least), clots form.  As CJ's body begins to dissolve the clots, the clots can clog up the brain's internal drainage and circulation system.  If the clots remain for too long, cerebral spinal fluid can build up and compress the brain.  (Think of your shower drain, if the holes clog at the bottom, the water fills the shower).

For now, all we can do is monitor CJ and see what unfolds.  His nurse said there was a pretty good chance that as CJ grows, the "drain holes" will get bigger and everything will resolve itself.  If it doesn't, there are several procedures available to help him out.  What's important for us right now is that he is strong as an oxe, has a pretty solid cry and seems to be relatively happy (considering he lives in an incubator).

Aunt Stefie is coming tomorrow so there should be new pictures posted soon.  Stay tuned, be good.

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  1. Great news that Keags does not need surgery! I am sending more prayers your way for both CJ and Keagan who are both incredible wonderful babies!Love to you all.......Aunt Janet