Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 Weeks Old - Pictures and updates

Auntie Stef reporting for duty here...

It's been an eventful day at the hospital!  Miss Keagan is catching up to her brother with milestones.  She got her breathing tube out today and now she's on the CPAP machine (basically breathing on her own)!!  She looks like a 2 pound sumo wrestler today, she is very swollen because her PDA has closed and her blood is essentially flowing in a new direction - which is VERY good, this is what the surgery would have done but she did naturally.  GO KEAGAN!

I had a lot of requests for pictures to be taken while I was here.  Unfortunately, I only got a few shots of the princess during her coming off the ventilator. 

Getting prepped with the CPAP face mask, it's Darth Vader time!

Look at that beauty! 

See how swollen her little arm is?  In the words of her father, "When you weigh 2 lbs. you shouldn't have rolls on your arms!" HAHA!

The most precious sumo wrestler I have ever met! She's a little fighter!

Mr. Man CJ is doing awesome!! He's eating like a champ, when I say eating, I mean getting milk put into his tummy through a tube.  Either way, every 3 hours he's sucking down milk like it's his job! It was so awesome to get to hear his little "cry" today.  It's weird being around babies and not hearing cries (they can't when tubes are in their throats)!  He likes to just whimper every now and then, it sounds more like a whiny puppy, but I still like it.  Here are some updated pictures of the little man:

Little man just hanging out with milk in the belly.

 Zebra stripes day! 

 Opened my eyes for Auntie! Look at how alert he is...

 Taking a break from the Bili light, and opening those baby blues!

More milk, back to sleep! See you later blog friends!


  1. ...making me cry again! Why am I not surprised those two are little, tough fighters?! Look at their momma & poppa! Yeah Keagan...not letting her brother get too far ahead of her...oh, it begins already. :)

  2. We love hearing this great news! We are in awe
    Of your positive spirits! Hugs to u Ll! We will
    keep praying for healing and growth :)

  3. What good news! Beautiful pictures! Thanks.

  4. Stef-I love your writing and pics! I am sooo excited the babies are doing fine and stable. This is so great, look forward to hearing more good stuff, and being able to hold and hug them!!

    Love, Aunt Janet

  5. My thoughts are with you. I have a seventeen year old son who was born in a similar predicament and he has grown into an amazing and healthy young adult! I know your children will come through all of this with flying colors. Lots of love, Gail Simon (Meridian Music Teacher)