Thursday, April 7, 2011

Room with a view!

Hi blog friends and family!
We have realized that it is really difficult for people to picture the physical arrangements here in Peoria at St. Francis Hospital, so thought we could help you to visualize where Kendra, Clayton, Keagan and CJ are spending their time! The NICU is divided into neighborhoods, which are basically the different areas within the NICU. Each baby has their own private room. The first two weeks Keagan and CJ were in different "neighborhoods" in the NICU. Last weekend, a room next door to Keagan's opened up and they were able to move CJ into a big, beautiful, corner room with a window! It makes such a difference to be able to see the outside world! Each neighborhood has a different name...and theirs is the Butterfly neighborhood.

On one wall of the room is the incubator and all the monitor, supplies, etc. This is Keagan's room-you can tell by the PINK!

Here is CJ's room. Notice the WINDOWS to the outside world!!

There is a small built-in desk with a computer for the doctors and nurses to do their charting.

There is a couch/day bed in each room, so that whoever is staying overnight has somewhere to lay down and stretch out. Kendra can also pull the curtain for privacy when pumping or napping. There is also a pretty comfy arm/recliner chair in each room.

There is a wall of cabinets similar to dorm style living, where Kendra and Clayton can keep personal belongings/snacks, etc.
Here is the sink, diaper weighing scale and right outside the window is the nurse's station so they can see into the room at all times for watching the monitors and activity in the incubator.

The nurses do a good job of making it feel more cozy and homey than just a hospital room. Here are some "arts & crafts" pieces that have been made for the babies.

There are window sills for personal objects, pictures, etc.

Update on the babies:

CJ-He looks soooo good! Those eyes are beautiful and opening more and more! He is doing well with just his little nasal cannula and is enjoying the time he gets kangarooing with Mommy! The doctors and nurses are keeping a close eye on his head circumference and his bilirubin levels, but the doctor had good reports this morning. He is tolerating his tube feedings very well, but Mommy did experience the first baby puking on her last evening :-) All-in-all he is stable and gaining weight (up to 2 pounds, 7 ounces!)

Keagan-She is a beautiful little peanut! She is almost pushing 2 pounds! Her fluid retention has greatly subsided, so it is a good weight gain, not just fluid. She is still on the CPAP breathing apparatus and doing well with her oxygenation level. Her nurses are having fun finding some little outfits to dress her up in now that she isn't having to be "naked" under the bili lights. There is a "lending closet" for some preemie clothes so the parents don't have to go out and buy preemie clothes. She has a couple of darling outfits with little ruffles on the tushy, that are enormous on her, but make her look like a little doll. She is also enjoying the fairly new kangaroo holding with Mommy - it relaxes her (and Mommy).

So, that about wraps it up for now. Hope you are all well and enjoying some spring-like weather, wherever you may be. As always, thanks for the prayers for CJ and Keagan and their mommy and daddy too. It is so helpful in getting everyone through these days, knowing there is such a wonderful support system out there cheering them on from the sidelines!!


  1. i love this update!!! Thank you!! thinking of you all, as always!

  2. I shared the pictures with Sofia and explained about how the machines help them grow and breathe. She says, "Your babies are so cute!" We are always thinking about you and look forward to meeting the new nuggets soon! BTW - so great you get to take naps right there with them - that's not the case in all hospitals!!!