Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeders and Growers!

The other night, one of the nurses (not one who is regularly with Keagan or CJ) walked in and told me that she has been following the blog and would like an update :) So I figured that everyone else was probably wondering what we have been up to as well...

I'll start with some great news that we received on Monday. CJ had a follow-up head sonogram to check the size of the ventricles in his brain. It came back that they have decreased in size which means the fluid in his brain is not building up (so the clot that was plugging things up is most likely starting to dissolve). They will do another scan a week from this coming Monday but this was a big step in the right direction!

Both kids had to have chest echos done this week to check their PDA's. It has re-opened for both of them (not uncommon in preemies) but neither is showing any distress because of it, which is good. The doctors will continue to monitor them and if they continue to do fine on their own, then nothing will have to be done. If they start to struggle, then we'll have to talk about doing surgery again. The goal is for them to make it to 36 weeks, which is when most infants' PDAs close (for good) on their own. 

CJ is getting big and strong. He weighed in today at 2 lb 13 oz (up from 2 lb 4 oz at birth)!!

I am TIRED people-why do we have to keep taking all these pictures?? 

Let's celebrate!! Keagan and I are 29 weeks old (gestational age) today! 

Little Miss Keagan is 2 lb 5 oz today (birth weight was 1 lb 10oz). They do get to wear clothes now that they have their PIC lines out and can maintain their own body temp without much assistance from their incubators. Isn't she precious? 


As you might have noticed, we are not posting nearly as often as we were at the beginning. The reason behind that is 1) I am lazy (or busy doing other things as I like to think of it) and 2) everyone else has gone home :) No the REAL reason is a very good one! The twins are now in the category here of "feeders and growers!" So basically, they just need to eat and get big and then get the heck out of dodge.  Hopefully, that means lots more "boring" days where we don't have a bunch to report.  But, we will continue to update you on our boring babies as often as we can because we know there are a bunch of you out there that care so much and we are soooo lucky to have you!!!  


  1. This is Susan, your labor nurse for that brief time before your csection. I would love to send a card and gift for the kids. If you can email to me the best address to send that to, use my email It still catches my breath what miracle babies you have and I thank the Lord in every prayer for Kendra and the kids health and well being. The neonatalogist who comes to Advocate Bromenn told us at a meeting this week how great the kids are doing - and what a terrific family they have. Love is sure good support!

  2. Wow - feeders and growers : ) What a lovely thing to hear. Thanks so much for the update. We were starting to get a little worried, but no one wanted to bug you.

    You missed a great talent show yesterday! Very precious.

    Remember to take care of YOURSELF as well as your babies. Happy thoughts are coming your way.

  3. Kendra and Clayton-

    It is so nice to hear how stable your little sweethearts are! We will keep praying and sending positive energy your way! Love you lots!! Aunt Janet

  4. To my favorite family...keep up the great work! Kendra, your body is doing a wonderful job and getting the listte cuties to grow. Congrats Mama! I love you Hutchinsons!

  5. Great News!!! Love you guys and love seeing the pics of those adorable little Hutchinsons!!!

  6. Feeders and Growers sounds like a winning team! Who knew that boring would be beautiful. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this journey.

  7. thank ya'll for the blog, it is a great way to keep us informed... until we can meet the little rascals! just wanted to send some love from tennessee to ya'll, and let you know you're in our prayers, and we are keepin it PRAYED UP! =) p.s. i'm walking the march of dimes today and have 2 special babies in mind. keep it up keegs and Ceej! ;)