Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nuggets=1 Month Old=Time for a photo shoot!!

*Auntie Stef reporting for blog duty*

HAPPY 1 MONTH Birthday to Keagan and CJ!!!!

There's not too much to report today, except for the fact that the babies are 1 month old!  According to their Mommy, things are still "boring" in the NICU.  Mommy and the daytime nurse had fun playing dress up with the twins.  The babies put on their fanciest outfits for their celebration (and for their favorite blog followers)!!!  
  • Today the BIG man CJ  was weighing in at 3lbs 6oz!! He is retaining some fluid but, overall, he's doing fantastic.
  • Princess Keagan is hitting the scale at 2lbs 6oz., she's lost a little weight (she was retaining water last week) but doing amazing.
Here are some of the 1 month pictures, enjoy!

I'm wearing my tux! Where's the party at?!

*WINK* Heyyyy ladies...check out how good I look in my onesie!

1 month - so big and handsome!

Practicing for when he's in trouble... it wasn't me!!

Princess Keagan in her party dress and headband!  So fancy!

I opened BOTH eyes this morning for my photo shoot!  I can't believe I have been in the "big world" for a month!

Thanks for checking out the pictures of my brother and me!  I can't wait to meet my favorite blog followers when I make it home!  xoxo


  1. So gorgeous and handsome!!! Happy 1 month Birthday Hutch Nuggets!!!

  2. Sofi says, "I love Keagen's dress. love CJs, what's he wearing?, tuxedo!" they are beautiful! And growing! And we can't wait to meet them!

  3. Happy One Month Birthday Precious Little Nuggets!! We can hardly wait to meet you!! Glad to hear things are still "boring" in the NICU! Great pictures Auntie Stef!! Love to you all! Aunt Patty

  4. Already a little attitude with these 2! Poor Keagen, only a month old and already retaining water. What's a girl to do! Happy birthday kids, and way to go Mom and Dad!!!
    Vicky and Keith.

  5. Happy 1 month to the little cutie pies! Love the pics Stef, so adorable. So glad to hear how well Keagan and CJ are doing! Happy Easter to all of you!

    Love, Aunt Janet

  6. Hello everyone! Kendra and Clayton, your little ones are really cute! Great pictures. Glad to hear they are both gaining weight so well. Thanks for keeping all of us updated on things. Looking forward to meeting these two bundles of joy! Have a nice Easter. Mrs. Kuebler

  7. Happy 1 month, they are so adorable. Praying for all. Love Ron & Diane Seilkopf (Sue's Cousin)

  8. Happy Easter and Happy 1 month old Hutch Nuggets!!! May God continue to bless you all

  9. hay sweetie if you get this message message me at this isnt spam, xoxo