Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nothing boring here...

I wanted to write and check-in as I know many of you are wondering about the results of CJ's hand scan that was supposed to be yesterday. We ended up having it done last week (we're not sure why) and the results were fantastic! The ventricles have decreased in size again. In addition to that, they have taken him off "watch" and they won't be doing a head sonogram again until 34 weeks which is when they scan all preemie babies (so Keagan will get one too). That means that he is most likely out of the woods for the having to have a shunt put in-a huge praise! 

With that now taken care of, the only medical concern that is still hanging around is Keagan's PDA but she still isn't having any symptoms, so no treatment is being discussed for now.

More good news:
  • Both kids dropped from 3 liters of oxygen (determines the amount of pressure/flow of oxygen into their cannulas) to 2 liters on Friday and then both dropped to 1 liter today!! To put it in perspective, they had been in 3 liters for about two weeks before moving down. 
  • When they hit their 31 week mark on Thursday, Keagan and CJ will begin getting a bottle for one of their feedings. Once they can finish a bottle in a feeding, then they'll add another and so on...this is a big step on our way to going home. 
  • Speaking of which, we got a new doctor yesterday and she'll be with us for the next 5 weeks. One of our primary nurses, Laura, asked her if we'd be going home while on her watch. Her response was if everything keeps going as it is, that it is a very good possibility!! That is the last week of May :) I'm trying not to get to get my hopes up but it is fun to even be talking about it. 
As you'll see in the pics for this week, we are out and having fun! Mommy and Daddy are allowed to hold us now pretty much when they want, so we get out of our incubators often!

We couldn't go see the real Easter Bunny
so our stuffed bunnies had to do ...

YES-that is a normal sized bunny :)

This is what CJ typically looks like these days-not a care in the world.

BIG yawn for Keagan-she also enjoys hanging out
and just like her brother-
loves being held and snuggled by Mommy and Daddy

Seriously Mom-WHAT are you doing to me?!?
Thanks Grama Ryl for my spiffy outfit! 


  1. LOVE the new Pics!!! So excited about CJ and Keagan's progress!!! They are so incredible and cannot wait to meet them! Kendra you look fantastic!!! Nate and I are hoping to make it down soon!!! Love to you all!!!

  2. So happy for all the good news. Keep up the good work Keagan and CJ!!

  3. I think this time around my favorite picture is of you, Kendra. Motherhood looks good on you! Keep up the great work and those little ones will be home before you know it.

  4. Hi Kendra-
    I love the pics, and good news about the babes! I am sooo excited to see you and the sweetie pies on Tuesday! Love ya-

    Aunt Janet