Monday, April 4, 2011

MaMaw's Thanks

Hi-it's Mamaw (Clayton Eric's mom),

I am more a talker than a blogger (as Verizon Wireless can attest), but my lovely daughter-in-law has finally convinced me to add to the blog. So, for my addition, I would like to write a personal note. We have been truly blessed with the addition of C.J. and Keagan to our families. They have made such a loving and inspiring impact on our lives in such a short time. They continue to amaze us with their developments.

Now, on to the personal note.... I would like to thank all our families and friends for the out pouring of love and caring you continue to give us on a daily basis. You build up our strength with your thoughts and prayers, and your kind deeds touch our hearts. Life in the NICU is compared to a roller coaster, with many ups and downs. We are treasuring every moment of this period in our lives, relishing the "ups" and weathering the "downs". But with the support of you all, and the superb care from the OSF NICU staff and doctors, we believe C.J. and Keagan will continue to do astounding things!

We had some good picture ops today, so here you go :)

CJ was quite alert today-this is probably the best pic we've gotten so far! 

Grampa Ken was right-I am going to be a thumb sucker. I've been trying to get this thing in there for 2 weeks now and FINALLY figured it out today!

Mamaw, Mommy, and Keagan

Today was Keagan's first day of getting her Kangaroo Care. 

I loved being held by Mommy for 2 hours-all of my levels were great and I got in a fantastic nap. And how cute is the bow in my hair?!? 


  1. Love the tiny hand on your chest. So sweet--she knows her mom. And Kendra, you look great!

  2. Love the last picture of your hand with Keagan's:)

  3. These are wonderful pictures (and Kendra you do look great)!! How exciting that Keagan was finally able to get Kangaroo Care!! I have shared your story with many of my friends and coworkers, so there are lots and lots of additional thoughts and prayers headed your way. I figure every bit helps. Our thoughts of course are always with you all, and we just love that you all have taken the time to share with us through this blog. Thank you so much for that! All our love, Aunt Patty and family

  4. They are so precious and look just fantastic!! Annie gives me frequent updates, and the unit you're in sounds fabulous (and being in the "business", I'm pretty critical :>)!
    Make sure that you keep taking care of yourself; the babies are well cared for and what you're going through is tough. You are an inspiration to families that I am caring for!! You all remain in our prayers~

  5. Awesome pics, and Kendra you look great and so happy. Baby Keags is adorable next to her mommy, and mamaw.I can just feel the love, from all these pictures that are posted. I am so happy that I can go in and look at the daily updates.
    Love to everyone.......Aunt Janet

  6. I can't believe how great they are doing! Their progress is an inspiration just like the wonderful support system you have created for them! You are all so amazing! What a family!