Friday, April 8, 2011

Together Again!!!

Hi-its Kendra writing today. It normally takes me awhile to get motivated to write but today is a REALLY fun one so without further blog using all pictures!

The very first Hutchinson family picture!
The hospital brought in a professional photographer and since CJ is totally stable right now, they brought him over to Keagan's incubator for the photo shoot. Keagan is in front and CJ is closest to Mommy and Daddy.
CJ goes "Woo-hoo...this NICU roller coaster isn't so bad guys!" If you hadn't noticed yet and the other reason our day today was so great-Keagan is off the CPAP machine. That means both babies just have nasal cannulas to help them get enough oxygen (just like you or I would have if we're in the hospital)! So far, she is doing very well on it. 

Both babies seemed to snuggle in after a few minutes with arms and legs in each others bubble-ahh...memories of life back in the womb :)
Brotherly love! Their diapers look HUGE but CJ and Keagan are just that small.
Daddy-be careful where you put that beard!!  
A little Mommy love. 
 We'll end with my personal favorite. Again (like all the shots in case you were wondering) Keagan is in front and being cuddled by CJ. And YES-they do look a lot alike!!


  1. This is the most heartwarming news I can imagine to hear!! And the pictures are PRECIOUS!! So much love to you all!

  2. Ah! Speechless. I'm continuing to pray for your new family Kendra. Thinking of you guys often!

  3. I cry tears of happiness every time I read a blog update with good news... This one has me weeping!! LOVE these pictures!! You have an amazing family!!! Always in my thoughts and prayers!!

  4. Way to go Keagan! That is wonderful news! These are really amazing photos!! I am so thrilled that you were able to take these pictures together as a family!! Kendra, your smiles speak volumes about how you and Clayton must have felt to be able to have your precious nuggets together with you. I cannot even imagine. Thank you for sharing! Love to you all! Aunt Patty

  5. How awesome is that! Great news and great to see!

  6. Such wonderful news! The two of them together kinda just felt right...I imagine. Woo Hoo!!!

  7. these pictures are too adorable, kendra!!! i can't wait to meet the little ones!!

  8. Way to go Hutchinson family! What awesome photos, and I am so happy to hear the great news about both babies! The cuddling of sis and bro is adorable. I think about you all daily, and sending great thoughts and prayers your way:-) Love you all!

    Aunt Janet

  9. What a Great Day!

    As a "29 weeker" myself, my parents and I have been following your story. They have been filling me in on all the ups and downs of the NICU (I was in Evanston for 40 Days). Today's news is so awesome!

    While I was in the NICU at Evanston my parents taped the following quote on my isolette as I had a hard time with my memory.

    "All the cool kids are breathing Ryane, don't forget to breathe."

    Wishing all of you the best!

    Ryane (Engle)

    (I'm in Kindergarten in Mrs Ryl's school....Steph also used to watch me and my dad worked with Mrs Ryl in D34)