Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Whole Hand!

Yesterday the little nuggets hit the five month mark! It has been a great month for them. We will do our updates in each picture caption this time around to mix it up a bit :)

Have we talked about how hard it is to get both kids looking cute in a picture?!?  It looks like we told Keagan to make a funny face and CJ's looking at her like she is a goof :) Thanks to Nurse JoAnn for our sweet onesies!! 

We haven't had the official five month weigh in but  he is floating right around 14 pounds! CJ  is constantly moving his arms and legs and LOVES his activity mat where he can swat at various toys that hang down. His core strength has gotten better so he is  holding his own head up really well-not a small feat for a kid with a large noggin.

This young lady has also been packing on the weight and is now around 11 lbs!  Where gaining weight and eating well comes very easily to her brother-it takes a lot of effort for Keagan. During the day, she eats every 1-2 hours if she is awake. She can only eat about 2 ounces at a time before she wears out. The doctors think this due to her open PDA but we are trying to get her bigger so they can do a less invasive surgery to close it. So lucky for our daughter who is a born snacker-when the girl wants to eat, she gets to eat!

Keagan has been very alert now for a few weeks. She is quite nosy and likes to know what is happening so her favorite position is sitting up. She completely holds her head on her own and Clayton likes to do balancing "tricks" with her to demonstrate this...

We had to get a pic with our new pacifiers-a stuffed dog that is attached to the paci-it is  pretty fantastic!  We don't go anywhere without them-they get swaddled into blankets and stuffed inside the car seat straps. The are called Wubbanubs (we got ours on Amazon). They have made these babies and parents very happy :)

We tried to get a shot of these kids with smiles on their faces but couldn't capture one this time around. I''m pretty sure that you'll get some good smiley pictures at 6 months. Kendra goes back to teaching this week so CJ and Keagan will be spending their days with their babysitter (Nurse JoAnn's cousin Samantha-we are so happy how it worked out) and Mamaw (Clayton' mom).  It will be a tough transition but she is excited to get back to the classroom after 5 months away and know that the babies are in excellent hands! 


  1. They are so adorable! Thank you for sharing photos! Kendra, good luck starting back to work at school!

  2. Love you Hutchinsons!! Good luck at school this week Kendra - get your math on!

  3. Awesome pics of the cutie pies! Good Luck going back to school!! Love ya-Aunt Janet