Friday, September 23, 2011

Halfway to ONE (3 days ago :))!!!

Six months old-holy smokes!! It is hard to believe. CJ and Keagan have only been HOME for just over 3 months so to realize that they have already been alive for half a year is unbelievable. The past month has been a good one and it seems that with everyday the kids are growing and changing. They have become super alert and will follow us around the room wherever we are. They love to hear us talk and read. And they absolutely think playtime is the best-it is when they are laying on their blanket or playmat on the floor with us that we get the most smiles!

Keagan is done seeing the retinal doctor because her eyes are fully mature! CJ has one more appointment just to make sure that his eyes have reached maturity and then he will be done too.  Keagan will be following up with her cardiologist at Children's Memorial next week to check on her open PDA. We're hoping that they will continue to want to wait until she is bigger so they can do the less invasive surgery.
The fantastic news is that she has been on reflux medicine for the past few weeks and it has made a HUGE difference in her eating so gaining weight is no longer a concern.

She has been eating 3.5-4 ounces every few hours and then sleeping 6 hours at night!! We are so thankful for that :) CJ eats 6-7 ounces every few hours and continues to sleep for 6 hours (he should be able to go 8 or more with how much he eats) -I think this might explain why is so much bigger than her...We don't have official 6 month weights until next week but our scale has CJ at almost 16 lbs. and Keagan around 12!! 

I'm ready for my close up...

These shirts should be changed to "Best Babies"

Bumbo fun. 
It sort of looks like Keagan is playing an "air saxophone" and CJ is busting a move.  It's the start of our family band.

Bottle + Mom = SLEEP

Dad snuggle time.

Seriously, how cute am I?

"This Bunny keeps following me"

Happy Boy!!!  Yes, I have love handles...

"Seriously, we can't get away from these bunnies."


  1. So adorable!! Happy 6 month birthday precious nuggets!! Lots of love, Aunt Patty

  2. they look so awesome! CJ looks a little afraid of her big flower in that last one, LOL! Hoping to catch you the next visit!

  3. My Great Niece and Nephew are awesomely adorable, and it is amazing how the power of prayer works so well, not to mention the amazing parents they have. Jeff and I prayed for these two bundles of joy each day, and look at them now and how well they are doing. Thank God!!