Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 months old

It has been the longest and the shortest four months we have probably ever experienced. It feels like forever since CJ and Keagan were born and we started this blog. Yet, it is hard to believe that it has been four months already...weird :)

  • CJ and Keagan finally surpassed their due date of June 30th! We had a home health nurse visiting that day so that we could have a weight check...they never would have gotten this big in the womb but it is fun to know that the potential was there.
    • Keagan: 7 lb 2 oz and 19 1/2 in.
    • CJ: 9 lb 9 oz and 20 1/2 in. 
      • Can you imagine Kendra carrying over 16 1/2 lbs of babies?!?  
  • The last we blogged, the kids had just recently gotten off of their oxygen and monitors and we are happy to say that they are officially gone for good! 
  • All doctors appointments have gone well and we are happily getting used to having pretty "normal" babies where our main concerns are about poop and spit up :) 
  • Keagan did have to have laser surgery on her right eye last week because her ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) had progressed. It was done right in the office and the doctor said it went well. We'll know more next week but it seems that she is going to be just fine. 
CJ is showing off his muscles while Keagan cheers him on! 

These blanket dolls were the first things that were in the incubator with the kids. When CJ and Keagan were first born, the dolls were bigger than they were! 

Totally obnoxious but fun-we had to put on the tutu and headband since they have been fan favorites! 
At our 4-month doctor's appt. last week, Keagan weighed 8 lb. 4 oz-she is really finally getting some chub on her little cheeks.

Still the happy, carefree guy that he has pretty much been since birth-he is pretty easy to please...we just don't let him get too hungry! He weighed 10 lb 14 oz last week :) The kid seriously likes to eat...just take a look at his belly below! 

We had professional pictures taken last week and the whole gallery is up online (they are pretty amazing pictures!).
  • If you want to see more Hutch Nuggets here is how you get there:
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    Lastly, we know that we haven't been keeping up with the blog very well so the new goal (just so you all know) is to update every month around their birthday with pictures and how we are doing. As always, thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, kind words and support!!


    1. They look so good and chunky! I was back in the old Hood the other day and it's just not the same..miss you all!!Come on down to the lake sometime. Will give you a call when we come your way in August. Give them a big kiss and a squeeze!!

    2. tried checking into the client lounge for Stephanie Kelley with the correct username and password in the right cases and it never downloaded. Just an FYI - don't know if it's my computer or others are having trouble too.

      Deb Gambino - Shaun Tauber's friend since 10!

    3. I got through to the photographer's website - finally. The photos are wonderful! You have some beautiful and blessed babies!

      Deb Gambino

    4. Keagan and CJ are so wonderful, and Jeff and I are so happy they are doing great! My favorite picture-Halloween costumes:-)! I am so proud of Kendra and Clayton for being such attentive and wonderful parents to their precious little bundles of joy! Our thoughts and prayers to you for the MRIs next month. Love, Aunt Janet and Jeff