Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two months old!

CJ and Keagan celebrated another milestone yesterday-two months old! We had a pretty uneventful day  but did get some good "eyes open" pictures after bath time so, of course, we had to share.

On Thursday, they were 34 weeks gestational age and we keep hearing that 36 weeks seems to be the "magic number" for going home-we can't wait! CJ is still kicking butt at his bottle feedings and is up to 6 bottles a day! Keagan is trying to keep up and can take 4 bottles a day! The difference between the two is that because CJ is so much bigger, he seems to have the energy to finish most of his, where Keagan peters out after about half. We are very proud of both of them and the doctors tell us that they are right on track.

Oh my...two months old already!?!

Both CJ and Keagan now have their feedings tubes in their noses. Two benefits to this: 1) It makes bottle feeding easier and 2) the tape gives them super sweet mustaches!!


Who clipped a baby to that bow?

Keagan got her hair done for her b-day picture.  (Not really. It always looks like this.  The Mommy/Daddy day salon uses "extra body" shampoo)

"Why do we keep having these picture sessions?"

The reason we keep having picture session little lady is because we love to torture our children with goofy outfits and flashing, not really.  Two months is a pretty big deal.  

In two months both CJ and Keagan have doubled their weight.  They've come off their ventilators, learned how to eat from bottles, gotten out of their isolettes/incubators and into open cribs, learned to cry (yay, crying is fun!) and turned from patients into little babies.  

For comparison:

March 25, 2010




  1. They are so beautiful! I love seeing the updates! Can't wait to hear that they are home!

  2. The amount they have grown is amazing Kendra! So glad that they are doing well:)

  3. The little sweethearts are growing strong! They are amazing, just like their parents:-) We can't wait to hold them and pinch their cute little cheeks(isn't that what a Great Aunt does?) Sending love and more prayers your way every day.....Love you! Aunt Janet and Jeff