Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CJ is out of the NICU!

This is coming a bit after the fact and those of you who are on Facebook may know this, but the good news to share today is that CJ was released from the NICU on Saturday evening! He is currently hanging out at Clayton Eric's mom's house close to the hospital until Keagan is able to eat all of her feedings from bottles. 

CJ getting all settled in to his car seat for the trip. 
**Yes-you do hear our neonatologist discussing the Bulls loss (the important stuff) the night before in the background... 

CJ is doing great and went for a stroll with mommy & daddy in the nice warm weather on Monday.  The stroller was definitely empty without Keagan :( 

We keep getting asked when Keagan will be coming home and we don't have a good answer for that unfortunately. They keep telling is that CJ was the exception to the rule with how early how was able to leave and that Keags is more the norm. We hope that it isn't too much longer but our children continue to teach us PATIENCE daily. 


  1. Kendra-good to see you without the blue gloves!! One down, one to go!!
    Love you,
    Auntie Vicky

  2. CONGRATULATIONS CJ!!!!! Kendra you look GREAT!!!

  3. How exciting!! We will keep all of you in our prayers. This is great news, and can't wait to see everyone at the shower!

    Love, Aunt Janet

  4. Loved the Bull commentary portion of the video..hilarious. Is that a special stroller K Digs? I've never seen one like it before.

  5. Hi Mrs Hutchinson, This is Ester, Jessica and Nabila. We REALLY miss you and hope you come to visit before the school year is over ( You only have three days left). We are glad to hear that CJ is out of the hospital and hope Keagan will be out soon. Hope the hutchinson family is doing well.
    Ester, Jessica and Nabila