Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two for TWO!

It has been a full year since we have blogged about our nuggets and it seems that with the arrival of their 2nd birthday-the blog will be an annual event (We've failed as bloggers....). We just read the post from last year and it is remarkable how much can change in a year. Here are some overall highlights:
*Both CJ and Keagan graduated from physical and occupational therapy in the fall. That means that they "caught up" to their  actual age and the therapists felt they would continue to do well on their own-and they are! They love to climb-up and down stairs, on couches, up slides at the gym. Pretty typical toddler stuff which is awesome! I think they look super funny when they run-they basically pump their arms quickly and power walk but they think they are super fast :)
*We also "graduated" from having to do follow-ups with our neurosurgeon! We had our final appointment with her in the fall. I believe her words were, "I would love to still see you as patients, selfishly, but there is no longer a medical concern" (She seemed pretty in awe of how well both kids were doing given their history, especially CJ). Keagan also saw her cardiologist in the fall and her PDA in her heart has closed on its own! That means the ONLY medical issue we have lingering out there is that she still has a very small hole in her heart (called an ASD) but it isn't having an adverse impact on her heart function. We will continue to have a yearly check-up with that doctor and if/when it becomes necessary to fix-it will be a fairly routine procedure.  
I (Kendra) have been extremely fortunate to get to stay home with the kids since last summer. I just recently had an "ah-ha" moment when I realized why every parent/grandparent wants to brag about their kid and thinks that their child is sooo smart. I think it is because there seems to be something new happening almost everyday in terms of their development. I know that every other toddler learns their ABC's but to hear Keagan sing it one morning when only the day before she wasn't-is just crazy. Or when CJ turns around in the shopping cart and points to the big letter M on the Marianos sign and says "M" and I didn't have any CLUE that he identify letters on his own. So I'm bragging (there will be more-sorry) but you get to see a little person change so much in such a short amount of time! As adults, most of us are settled in what we already know. 
Here is a quick update on what is new in the life of:
He continues to be a "big kid" and weighs over 30 lbs. He still has a lot of the same personality traits that he had a year ago-pretty laid back and sweet. He definitely has hit "toddler status" in the past couple of months as he is very quick to throw things when he is not getting his way. It seems to be getting better as he adds more words to his vocabulary to tell us what is frustrating him (he is in speech therapy once a week but we have a suspicion that he will be graduating from that soon).
He is very into shapes right now. He even knows what a trapezoid looks like! (Be honest, how many of you know what a trapezoid is...?!!) He is extremely observant, spotting letters and shapes everywhere.  He's the second best dancer in the family (Dad is #1 by a long shot); LOVES to snuggle; and has yet to meet a 'chippy' (potato chip) that he doesn't like. 
She is still more of a peanut compared to her brother but floats right around the 50th percentile in weight and height. Her feet are small though-she only wears a toddler size 5 shoe...weird because Kendra's feet are quite large :) Very much like CJ-Keagan still has many of the same personality traits that she had a year ago. She is now very verbal - she repeats almost everything we say (from what I've heard-a pretty typical girl). One of her favorite activities right now is singing. It is one of the few things that can calm her down quickly if she is upset or just make her happier if she is already in a good mood! She sings along to most of the songs she knows and in the past couple of weeks, we've heard her trying to sing alone as she plays-it is really adorable. She also LOVES to read and can read along with her favorite books-she has a pretty awesome memory. Her newest "trick" this week is that she is counting by herself and today she said the ABCs all by herself.  It makes the teacher in Kendra happy 

Twin snuggling!!

They know all of their basketball terms: shoot, dunk, pass, dribble, and we're working on rebound. 
How can you not be happy if you're a Tide fan??!! 

"First we'll make snow angels for a two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle."  Or, just skip to the snuggling....
Admittedly, we have been terrible bloggers.  At this point, it would be offensive to all bloggers for us to even call ourselves bloggers, but we're trying to raise these to rascals... 
We are fortunate to have family and friends that love and support us.  For everyone out there who has sent us thoughts, prayers, love etc., who we might not see or talk to on a regular basis, we are equally thankful and just simply want to end with a THANK YOU!  We love you all, be good.

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  1. I love everything about this post; the resolved prognosis's (I don't know how to make that word plural and am too lazy to look it up), the pics, and the image of them power walking!! So happy for you! Love you so much!!!