Saturday, June 11, 2011


The family made it safe and sound to Palatine on Thursday. The babies did so well on the car ride and slept the whole way. We made it through our first two nights at home and are only slightly exhausted :) I know we promised pictures so I wanted to get those posted today!

We also wanted to take a moment to share with all of our friends and family that the doctors gave us strict orders this week in regards to going home:
  1. Keagan and CJ are not allowed out in public for 2 months (we'll be going for A LOT of walks)
  2. Visitors are going to be extremely limited-the doctor said 2 people at a time and that might be all in a day. The two primary reasons for this are exposure to germs and energy. The germs are an easy one to understand-they've been in limited contact with the outside world since birth. The energy one is a little different than most full term infants-our kids basically get to be held for a half hour after their bottles and then need to lay down to get 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If that doesn't happen, we are risking them burning more energy than they have coming in with calories consumed. With people over-it is hard to make that happen. 
We wish we could visit with and see all of you who have been such huge supporters of our family but for now, we are going to let these kiddos grow a little stronger. We will continue with the blog and post lots of pictures so you can continue to watch these awesome kids grow! Thanks for all your love and support and prayers-we are so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family in our lives!

HOORAY!! It is finally time to go home...82 days in the NICU  was enough for me (but loved meeting all the wonderful people along the way)!

BIG brother CJ (tipped the scales today at 7 lb 1 oz :)) getting some good
cuddling from  Keagan (5 lb 5 oz)

The kids were rocking in their new matching car seats-this is pretty much what they looked like the whole way home!

I think he's trying to make a duck face after his first bath at home-I don't know what a duck face would look like but I think this works?!?

A perfect princess

**Be looking for a post shortly that will feature pictures of the REMOVAL of Daddy's beard in ridiculous facial hair stages!! 


  1. YAY!!!!! So happy for you guys! As soon as those adorable little ones are up for it we are there! Wyatt can't wait to meet his new besties!!! Love you guys and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  2. These are the best pictures ever! Love love love them!


  3. Grandma and grandpa think you are wonderful! Can't wait to hug and kiss you.

    Grandma Carol & Grandpa Bernie.

  4. They are both so cute! Love CJ's cheeks.

  5. Hey, Kendra, this is such great news! We have been following your family's progress and many prayers are being sent up for all of you. It's so good to feel your spirit through your posts!

    Take care!

    Maralee Scott

  6. Congratulations on your beautiful babies, Kendra! It's wonderful news that they are finally able to be at home. Their journey has been remarkable! Thank-you for sharing and best wishes from the Bowmans : )

    ~ Lisa Bowman

  7. Congratulations! The babies look great!!!! We can't wait to continue to watch them grow into big, strong boys! You are an amazing family.

    Gail Simon

  8. Correction -- big strong boy and big strong girl!!!!! (Which they will be in no time!)
    XO, Gail

  9. Hi Mrs. Hutchinson! It's Avi! Im writing this on my grandpa's iPad! We just got in hawii and were staying with my grandparents for 8 days to celebrate their 50th anniversary! I hope all is doing well and the babies are making incredible progress. Ill keep checking the blog and I'll probably email you when i get back home! Love Avi